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Today I Manifested

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Today I Manifested

Post by Night Eyes on Mon Mar 27, 2017 4:04 pm

Ok so 2 things happened for me today, which was pretty out of the blue and unexpected

Firstly: I was talking with my Dad the other day, we were thinking about my mum and the friends she had when I was growing up and we happened to mention a woman she was friends with, and because i've moved away from the village I commented that I hadn't seen her in years, I have her on facebook but we don't talk or catch up or anything.

We had to go out today to do a few things and on our way back to the car I just randomly decided to pop in one of the shops to get a price on something, and who do we run into when we're leaving..... I couldnt believe it, I can only assume because I was talking to my dad so casually about her I  must have put it out into the universe, it was lovely to stop and say hello and have a chat and see how she was doing though Smile

Secondly : My Hairdryer broke a couple of weeks ago and I hadn't so far managed to get a new one, so we've all being using my Daughters. I've said a few times to my dad, oh I really need to look into getting a Hairdryer, there was one online I  really liked and wanted but it was £40 and I didn't really want to spend that much, so I've just been making do. I said to my dad today I cant leave it much longer as my daughters one is blowing cold air now so I don't think it's going to last much longer, and 3 of us with long hair and no Hairdryer would be a disaster. So whilst we were wandering around the shops we were pricing them up to see how much we were looking at, but didnt really find anything I liked so I suggested popping to Tescos to just have a look.

When we got there they all were pretty much the same as the other shops but perhaps a bit cheaper they seemed to all be reduced, so we were stood discussing, and I was a bit meh I'm not fussed on them but I guess one will have to do at some point, when I noticed a pair of straighteners and I was oohh they're the same as the Hairdryer I wanted online (they were same brand, pink and had a coconut oil infusion) ,  when I looked across a bit further what did I see!!!! they only had the hairdryer I wanted Egyptian dance Egyptian dance  , it was literally sitting there by itself, the only one there, but no price on it, so my daughter took it to the desk to get a price check..... £20!!!! I was so happy, my dad got it for me there and then, it was literally like it had been placed there just for me. I dont know why we chose today to start looking for a hairdryer, i've needed one for weeks and not really made any effort to try and find one but today I felt like we should just shop around, and I came home with the exact one I wanted for half the price Extra happy Extra happy Extra happy
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Re: Today I Manifested

Post by LittlemissSunshine on Tue Apr 04, 2017 9:16 pm

Ahhhh great I'm happy for you!
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