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Learning Passion

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Learning Passion

Post by Luney on Wed Feb 22, 2017 5:47 am

I was Googling the other day about finding your passions and how can one become more passionate about certain activities or interests. I came across this thread and it's longish, but I think it's worth going through, some answers were really interesting.


We are always told to follow our passion and it always led me to believe that it's something innate, like I have to find out what mine is, I have forgotten it or it's not unveiled to me yet. It never occurred to me that I could choose what passions I would like to have and then learn how to become passionate about them. So, say for example that I decide that from now on, I would like to be passionate about being fit and healthy and then learn to really enjoy it, so exercising won't seem like a chore, but a time to move my body that I love and look forward to every day.
Do you believe that learning a passion in such way is possible, or will it be fake and wear off in time? I'm using fitness as an example, but you can fill in the blank - a specific hobby like gardening, history of Rome, flamingos,  investing in stocks, collecting beer cans...

Or do you think we'd be better off like that Shri Prashant guy is writing and let go of the idea that we should or could have a passion we follow throughout life and make a career out of and simply accept that I can have one passion today and be over and done with it tomorrow and instead learn to be passionate about every single thing in our lives?

Edit: If you were to draw a lifeline and write down around different ages what your big passions were at the time, obsessions, hobbies - do you feel like you would be clinging to some because you just know that's a part of who you are, but in reality you've just grown out of it? Or do you feel an umbrella excitement shifting and your personality changing throughout years ? I have always said I am really passionate about traveling, but only lately I've noticed I've sort of grown out of it. I don't follow travel blogs or books anymore, I don't feel unsatisfied or strong longing that I should travel. Instead I've become more homey and thinking about getting chicken coop and a dog Laughing or as my cousin is saying becoming a farmer again Rolling Eyes

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Re: Learning Passion

Post by Night Eyes on Wed Feb 22, 2017 8:37 am

Good question Luney.

It's funny because I was pondering something similar the other day, I was sat trying to work out what my hopes and dreams were, and I felt a bit rubbish because the truth is I dont know what they are. I dont have any amazing or significant goals for my future, I'm studying counselling which has always been a passion but otherwise apart from a few countries I would like to see, there's not a lot :/

Then I got to thinking, well do we have to have grand hopes or dreams or do we think we do because everyone else does?

All i really want is a quiet life, I dont need many thrills or much excitement, I'm content having my little life with my family and friends.

Do I want to be fit and healthy yes definitely but I wouldn't say it's a passion, for me it's a bonus to going walking with my friends and having a chat.

I'd love to own my own home again, but then I dont feel it stirring up any passion, it's more of a well if it happens it happens kind of thing.

Life is pretty fluid so I guess what drives us today may fizzle out at some point or change, I guess we'll have to wait and see hehe.
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