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Stress in the modern world

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Stress in the modern world

Post by Night Eyes on Mon Feb 20, 2017 10:39 am

Just read this article, as lately i've been thinking about wether or not us humans are equipped or evolved enough to deal with so much stress every day, are we meant to be feeling under so much pressure to perform or be doing something constantly, to be living up to so many expectations, are we being over stimulated and can our bodies cope with it?

Personally I dont think so, I dont think we were designed to be constantly multi-tasking, constantly achieving or doing something that society expects of us, I think there is too much pressure on us to be 'living the dream', having an amazing job whilst juggling home and family and making everyone happy, there's all sorts of rules and boundaries that we have to live by, and if we're not doing it, we feel an overwhelming sense of failure or we feel that we're not good enough.

I think this all impacts on our overall Health and Wellbeing, sometimes I feel like in the modern world suddenly Happiness has become secondary.

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Re: Stress in the modern world

Post by Luney on Wed Feb 22, 2017 5:18 am

I think people have never before in history had it so easy and so good. But saying that I think people have gotten more emotionally fragile due to being spoiled. For example, my family grew up doing hard farm work, but I never heard them complain or even see them unhappy. Or when I was in Brazil and saw the poorest people that worked hard all day long, had nothing but a dusty hut and a floor to sleep on, yet they were always happy, singing and welcoming and then couldn't help but think back to my UK friends and my ex especially that had fancy houses, money, all the health and opportunities they could wish for, yet were always whining and complaining about the slightest thing, visiting psychiatrists, saying they were depressed or had other mental issues... why are they so fragile?
It's like when I lived in Italy and a 22 year old girl still living with parents was throwing a massive fit because her mom had asked her to put her own clothes in the washing machine and turn it on. She was screaming she shouldn't do it because she doesn't know how and has never done it. I was thinking how can anybody possibly get so stressed over something so minor.

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Re: Stress in the modern world

Post by Night Eyes on Wed Feb 22, 2017 8:26 am

I guess there's something in the saying 'Money can't buy you happiness' isn't there.

My perspective is the families working on the farms, or the people working hard all day long may have been happier because there was less expectation on them. They knew what they had to do when they got up every morning, they knew what they were good at and they had a sense of community and family.

In other walks of life like city living and modern day living, everyone's expected to study, go to work, take care of the house and kids, keep up to date with the latest technology, have the best social life going and somehow pay for all this. I do feel there's a lot of pressure and expectation to be doing something, to be excelling at something. It's like we spend our lives just trying to keep up.
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Re: Stress in the modern world

Post by Sponsored content

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