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Quantum Theory, Conciousness and Death

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Quantum Theory, Conciousness and Death

Post by Night Eyes on Sun Oct 23, 2016 1:05 pm

Ok so here's an interesting article about how science suggests that within the multi world theory, when we die we just move our Conciousness to another universe.


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Re: Quantum Theory, Conciousness and Death

Post by Evie on Mon Oct 24, 2016 10:07 am

I'm not sure anyone would really want to hear everything I think about this. What a Face

It is very interesting. Really interesting. But in my view it reads more like science fiction than fact right from the start. Good science fiction...but science fiction nonetheless. Shruggy smiley For me, the first alarm bell goes off at the title. Quantum theory doesn't prove anything about life after death. Even the writer of the article immediately contradicts the title - we read the words "notion" and "believes it is possible." The second alarm bell is "Robert Lanza, MD," which is conveniently left out of the article.... it does say he is in the field of medicine but it doesn't mention that he has no qualifications in physics whatsoever. He is about as qualified to propose a new theory of the universe as I am. Neutral Even as a philosophical theory it doesn't hold water - a quick Google shows Daniel C. Dennett (one of the most influential philosophers alive today) has said it doesn't even meet the criteria to be a theory in philosophy.

Of course, I don't myself believe that we fully understand consciousness. A new theory of consciousness is hopefully coming sometime soon. But biocentrism, ambitious and interesting though it is, simply doesn't cut it. Neutral

When it comes to death -- again, I don't think we fully understand its mysteries. It is that "undiscovered country from whose bourn / No traveller returns." But it is natural... and though I'm not sure I can ever even be able to compass the horrors of losing someone dear, it is necessary. I've always regretted not meeting my maternal grandfather. I'm apparently very much like him, so we doubtless would have got on. I would say he still exists, and is as real as I am, though, if theory of relativity is correct about time. We just missed each other. I was born the year he died... Even if our understanding of time is proven wrong, then obviously my grandfather lives on in me in terms of genetic inheritance, as well as in some things he passed on to my mum through upbringing...and when (if Sigh... ) I have children, they will also be a continuation of my grandfather. And my grandmother. And her grandmother...
All is impermanent, but nothing ever totally disappears. Everything is transformed.

In conclusion... in my opinion multiple universes are already sufficiently "out there" (no puns intended) without the addition of souls transferring between universes after death. I don't deny it's possible (if there even is a soul), but it does actually remind me of the plot of my unfinished YA trilogy. And, contrary to the title of the article, there is no proof of Lanza's bold ideas. We don't know enough about death. But I think the essential teaching of death is to cherish each other, and live in the present moment, while we still can. I love you

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