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What makes you Happy

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Re: What makes you Happy

Post by Night Eyes on Thu Nov 24, 2016 10:01 pm

I got this today, not only does it smell gorgeous but it was on offer so i'm one happy Nighty Noodles Very Happy

Night Eyes

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Re: What makes you Happy

Post by Luney on Sun Nov 27, 2016 2:28 am

Ooo I love smelly candles Nighty Hearts Snowflake cookie sounds smellalicious Very Happy

Winter makes me happy. Well in fact every season makes me happy in its own way, but since I haven't had a winter wonderland climate in years and I have forgotten how much I hate cold lol, there are so many things about winter that I love, like Christmas, crackling fireplaces, mulled wine, gathering around the stove with family, coming in from long cross country skiing with frozen fingers and toes, seeing the smoke coming from chimney, going in taking all the cold wet clothes off and getting that tingling feeling in hands and feet as you warm up.
Thick white snow falling slowly, howling snowstorm on winter nights, huge pale moon rising and creating magical frozen landscape of light and long black shadows on snow, wondering around frozen gobbled stone streets and meeting with friends in cozy medieval cafes, frosty golden winter mornings when fog hovers over ground and gets lit up by the low sun, making snow lanterns, wrapping the presents, memorizing the poems and songs for Santa, amazing food at Christmas market, skiing, sleighing, ice skating, making gingerbread men (and of course eating the dough first),
shopping for family and friends, putting up Christmas lights and decorations, smell of a fresh Christmas tree, the absolute frozen silence in wintery forest, ice flowers on windows.. ohh I could go on and on...  gooey


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