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What are the best ways to visualise?

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What are the best ways to visualise?

Post by Glimmer on Wed Jun 15, 2016 8:41 pm

Everyone knows I'm a positivity glow worm rather than an LOA specialist.
So I need some advice. I don't really know this whole visualising thing. Yes, I've done it before, I know there are different methods. But which methods work for you, and why? How do you learn to visualise better? Does visualising for longer periods usually help more or is it the intensity that does it?

Also you can just answer from positive psychology point of view rather than LOA if you like. clown
I'm game for all answers, I'd like your opinions!
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Re: What are the best ways to visualise?

Post by Luney on Sat Jun 18, 2016 2:21 am

I don't think there is one sure fire way that is better than anything else. It depends what works best for you. Not even a certain method, but different things may work in different periods of life. I remember when I was younger, affirmations did nothing for me and now I think they are great.

Using the same example of my high school days when I used to visualize pretty much 80% of my awake time with great detail and intensity, all the feelings and that and nothing ever happened. It wasn't until I made the mindset adjustment that visualizing started working for me.
In other words you can have all the feelings, clarity and intensity in the world, until you give yourself permission by 1)Actually being ready to receive it and 2)Believing it can actually happen to you, it won't work Shruggy smiley

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