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Rewriting Reality

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Rewriting Reality

Post by Glimmer on Mon May 30, 2016 6:45 pm

One charismatic entrepreneur told me: "I decide to interpret everything favorably toward myself. It's not just that I'm optimistic. I'm actually conveniently deluded."

Rewriting Reality
This tool allows us to access a more positive state of mind and get into a positive thought spiral that later induces more positive outcomes, including our own peak performance (counteracting our own natural tendency to submit to a negative thought spiral when things are "going wrong"). It transmutes a perceived "difficulty" or "roadblock" into a favourable experience - Glim

Let's imagine that traffic is making you late for an important meeting and your anxiety level is on the rise. Ask yourself: What if this delay is  agood thing? Repeat the question a few times, and watch how creative your mind can get with its answers. It might come up with explanations like these:

- This delay is going to save my life - had traffic been flowing normally, my path would have crossed that of an eighteen-wheel truck skidding across the intersection
- The people with whom I'm due to meet are under a drastic deadline and are grateful for every minute I'm late, which allows them to work just a little bit longer
- The Universe (or Fate or God), having my best interests at heart, does not want this meeting to happen. There's an even better direction things will take instead.

When you're dealing with a more serious situation, sit down and write out a new reality on a piece of paper. Writing accesses different parts of our brain and affects our beliefs in ways that other modes of exprression do not. The act of committing things to writing has been shown to be critical both in changing a person's mind and in making imagined stories feel more real. Write in the present tense: "The speech is going well..." or, even better, in the past tense:  "The speech was a complete triumph..."

Why this works

Once again, we can thank the brain's tendency to accept imagination as reality. A study conducted by the Harvard Medical School suggests that deception may not be necessary for the placebo effect to take hold; it may work its wonders even when people know full well that they're taking a placebo.

From Olivia Fox Cabane, The Charisma Myth

Video from Cabane on the rewriting reality technique:
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