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Personal Development

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Personal Development

Post by Night Eyes on Mon May 23, 2016 12:30 pm

Ok so what is your idea of personal development, how do you define it, what does it mean to you?

Is it to grow spiritually? emotionally? to change physically?

Are you looking to just improve your life or are you looking to open your mind to new ways of thinking?

Are you self- aware? do you know your strengths and weaknesses? are you willing to change them? or are you still in denial?

Do you accept that you're not perfect but have room for improvement?

Do you believe that we are all striving to grow and reach our potential? do you feel you are doing that in your own life?

what is personal development about for you?

ok so anyone who knows me knows i am a big fan of Carl Rogers

he had a theory of the Actualising Tendency where it is assumed that people will strive to grow and reach their full potential even during the harshest of conditions, and that if we are given the right conditions we will flourish, it is based on the belief that we are innately good but we become destructive when we develop a poor self concept and become incongruent.

here is a link to the theory in more detail.

Night Eyes

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Re: Personal Development

Post by Luney on Sat Dec 03, 2016 10:42 am

This thread depressed me immediately because I have to face the guilt of knowing that I always assumed when I was younger that I should be waaahaaay ahead with my personal development than I am now laugh Embarassed

I assumed that by now I would be spiritually enlightened, meditation guru, have my top physical form, successful career, be rich, emotionally strong and free and basically achieved a lot more, but when I think of it, it seems like I was better when I was younger. I had better body, more energy and motivation, I spent a lot more time reading, meditating and was better organized. I'm basically a hot mess now lol.

I do feel like we are always striving for better in every level of being and area of live, but unable to be satisfied with what we have accomplished and instead of celebrating there is always this restlessness and guilt of not enough in the background.

I find that with many things that I want to improve, I always keep saying "Well I can't do this now because of kids" such as go to the gym, meditate, read more books, have a career, go out with friends, travel, spend time on hobbies like painting (they'd pull it down and mess it up in a second) or nature photography, that would require traveling somewhere, setting up tripod and so on...
But as Bashar says- everything that is present in your life is there because it is meant to be, you intended it and it belongs there. So I guess I should concentrate on being the best parent I can and understand that I will have plenty of time for spiritual development when they are older.

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Re: Personal Development

Post by Night Eyes on Sat Dec 03, 2016 11:57 am

aww sorry for depressing you Luney

I personally think being a parent is a part of Spiritual development, you get to learn a hell of a lot of patience, you learn to give more, and well the amount of skills and things about yourself you learn, there's a lesson in everything right?

and believe me you're not the only one who thinks they should be further along, I'm always complaining this isnt how I imagined life to be by the time i was 35, I had always thought I would be married with a nice husband and house, the perfect little family and some amazing job.

Karl Rogers always believed self actualising was a Journey and not a destination, so we never quite complete self actualisation thats why we always want more, there's always something else to strive for.
Night Eyes

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Re: Personal Development

Post by Evie on Sun Dec 04, 2016 9:50 am

This thread is from May? How did I miss it? Shocked
It's an important topic and I guess one of the themes of this forum as a whole. To me personal development is about the whole package - spiritual, intellectual, and physical. Though of course a big part of spiritual development is to stop getting caught up in ambitions to develop Wink

As Shunryu Suzuki put it...

All of you are perfect just as you are...
... and there is still room for improvement!

Very Happy

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Re: Personal Development

Post by Sponsored content

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